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Liquidshare welcomes AFS GROUP as shareholder

Amsterdam, Paris, AFS GROUP


AFS Group becomes first Dutch shareholder in European fintech venture LiquidShare


Amsterdam, Paris – 6th of December 2017 – Today LiquidShare, the PAN-European fintech initiative, announced the welcoming of the first Dutch shareholder AFS Group, a mid-sized European financial service provider.

LiquidShare aims to develop and operate a post-trading infrastructure that will serve SME’s access to capital markets, improving the transparency and security of post-trading operations using blockchain. By using the blockchain technology, LiquidShare aims to improve the market transparency and reduce post-trade settlements risks.

Thibaud de Maintenant, CEO LiquidShare: “We are very happy with the entry of AFS Group along with BNP Paribas, CACEIS, Caisse des Dépôts , Euroclear, Euronext, S2IEM and Société Générale . With this additional partner, LiquidShare retrieves access to a new large group of institutional clients and to specific knowledge in the area of the entire transaction chain. With the joint shareholders and the potential of the blockchain technology, LiquidShare will be a key player in the post-trade stock-industry.”

Hein Siemerink, CEO AFS Group: “AFS sees a lot of possibilities in the blockchain technology. A technology which, for a variety of financial service including transaction settlement, can provide improved efficiency and high reliability. We are impressed with the LiquidShare team and the shareholders syndicate, proud to participate and to support this ongoing growth of this promising fintech start-up.”


Thibaud de Maintenant
T +33 6 18 68 30 78

Jeroen van Walsem
T +31 2 05 70 72 56


About LiquidShare
LiquidShare is new born Fintech which core objective is to improve the transparency and security of post-trading operations using blockchain. This technology has the potential to dramatically simplify the chain of post-trade operations, guaranteeing and facilitating the consolidation of securities registers, all while enabling a higher speed of execution with real-time settlement at T+0.

About AFS Group
AFS Group is a European financial service provider specialised as an intermediary in the wholesale Financial- and Renewable Energy sector. With offices in four countries AFS provides voice- and hybrid brokering-, execution-, electronic trading- and transaction advice services for a wide range of asset classes.