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LiquidShare launches the Pilot Phase of its Blockchain Post-Trade Infrastructure for European SMEs

Paris, LiquidShare


LiquidShare’s pilot platform opens today on Euronext’s markets

LiquidShare today announces that its European post-trade settlement infrastructure for shares in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) using blockchain has entered into pilot phase on Euronext’s markets.
More than 15 participants representing all the parties involved in the life cycle of an SME security are now ready to use LiquidShare’s pilot platform, which opens today.
Starting with the pilot phase on Euronext’s markets, the post-trade blockchain solution connects to asset managers’, broker-dealers’ and custodians’ information systems, enabling them to more easily invest in and process listed and non-listed European SMEs.
The system first receives orders and ensures that the necessary cash and securities are reserved in LiquidShare’s smart contract system. Orders are then transmitted to Euronext’s Optiq® trading platform. After matching, Euronext sends the execution to LiquidShare for near real-time settlement. All parties, including SMEs, are immediately notified, ensuring transparency for the end users of the infrastructure. The solution benefits SMEs in Europe as it aims to reduce transaction costs and increase transparency of their share ownership and to connect to multiple trading venues
LiquidShare is a private permissioned platform built on an Ethereum with the core business logic coded in their cash, security and delivery versus payment smart contracts. The usage of the blockchain allows a peer to peer settlement between custodian’s node.
Thibaud de Maintenant, CEO of LiquidShare, said: ‘the delivery of LiquidShare Platform is the result of the efforts of the Pilot Participants and is the first milestone to become the first industrial blockchain in production, processing hundreds of transactions per day in a regulated environment’

LiquidShare Contact :

Thibaud de Maintenant
Directeur général
T +33 6 18 68 30 78

About LiquidShare

LiquidShare is a European fintech venture founded in 2017 which core objective is to improve SME’s access to capital markets, improving the transparency and security of post-trade operations using blockchain. With the financial support of its shareholders – AFS Group, BNP Paribas, CACEIS, Caisse des Dépôts, Euroclear, Euronext, S2IEM and Société Générale – LiquidShare has designed a cutting-edge post-trade infrastructure that simplifies and streamlines the SME market. Eventually, the solution aims to reduce transaction costs. Blockchain technology has the potential to dramatically simplify the chain of post-trade operations, guaranteeing and facilitating the consolidation of securities registers, all while enabling a higher speed of execution with real-time settlement at T+0.


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