The Blockchain infrastructure below the city


Investors sends orders on the Blockchain with its public key
A contract is issued on the DLT reserving securities and cash

Order is transmitted through API to Broker,
then to the Exchange for execution

Execution message is pushed on the Blockchain to perform the Delivery Versus Payment settlement
Conditions of the contract are validated,
transfer of ownership and cash follow

SMEs have a direct access to their shareholders on the Blockchain

Regulators can audit activities with a transparent access to the Ledger

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

The Power of Blockchain

  • Peer-to-peer Network gathering end-users

  • Chain of Trust with traceable and immutable events

  • Standardised and secured Smart Contracts

Key Benefits

  • Connect investors directly with SMEs

  • Provide investors and SMEs with a simpler, faster and cheaper infrastructure

  • Create a community workflow

Together we are an ecosystem

LiquidShare is the output of a consortium gathering 9 strategic investors collaborating to build the first community workflow of the financial industry

Board Members

The presence of the major European post-trade actors at the board embodies the strong will of the ecosystem to pave the way of the Blockchain transformation.

Eric Massart
Investment Director in renewable energy at Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations

Eric Massart has led numerous successful projects regarding renewables, implementing offshore wind farms in Saint-Brieuc, Groix, Belle-Ile and Leucate. His strong commitment and experience toward future synergy is a strength at LiquidShare board.

Arnaud De Bresson
Managing Director at Paris EUROPLACE

Managing Director at Paris Europlace since 1993 and at the Institut Europlace de Finance (EIF) since 2004 as well, and General Director of the “Finance Innovation” competitiveness pole since 2008, Arnaud De Bresson has put the promotion and development of the French financial center and its ecosystem at the heart of his actions in his whole career, with a ubiquitous interest for new technologies.

Anthony Attia
Chief Executive Officer of Euronext Paris

With 20 year experience in the Exchange industry, Anthony Attia took part in every strategic transformation of Euronext from the time of Société des Bourses Française to the IPO of Euronext. As CEO of Euronext Paris and Global Head of Listing for Euronext, he has a paramount role to develop the pan-european Stock Exchange, promote the access to listing for European SMEs and develop innovative services to issuers.

Brigitte Daurelle
CEO of Euroclear France, the Netherlands and Belgium
Board member

At the head of the French CSD, Brigitte Daurelle is leading the institution in its transformation while instilling a start-up spirit on the innovation plan. She keeps a pragmatic positioning around Blockchain Technologies, bringing evolutions and fastness in her opinion, which push to reinvent the Post-Trade industry.

Damien Jamet
Chief of Staff at Société Général Securities Services
Board member

Chief of Staff, and Head of Innovation, Motion and Programs at Société Générale Securities Services, Damien Jamet has popularized Distributed Ledger Technology in the environment of the bank. With its own appreciation of the challenges necessary to implement this new technology into established business models, he paves the way for the French bank on this topic.

Jean-Pierre Grimaud
CEO at OFI Asset Management
Board member

Former senior banker at Swiss Life, Jean-Pierre Grimaud has been boosting OFI’s strategic shift from 2015 as the managing director of the company. His important interest around DLT to enhance the client relationship goes hand in hand with DLT promises to disintermediate the Post-Trade process.

Philippe Ruault
Head of Digital Transformation at BNP Paribas Securities Services
Board member

As head of the digital transformation in BNP Paribas Securities Services, Philippe Ruault has been at the forefront of technology, experimenting different ways to exploit DLT in the securities services business. He thereby plays a paramount role on the BP2S’ dynamic on disruptive approaches to freshen up the business.


Our Team


Our Partner & Collaborators

We have different backgrounds while sharing a fresh perspective of the industry

Luc Dupont de Vieux Pont
Business Analyst
Emil Kirschner
Lead Architect
Maxime Tirlemont
Associate Director

“Since the beginning of the journey, I am thrilled by the challenge: implement blockchain technology in the traditional financial sphere coming with all the constraints we know”

Pierre-Alexandre Filliolaud
Lead Developper
Rabha Arhal
Business Analyst

“Liquidshare aims to revolutionize post trade by moving in a new technology era with Blockchain and by offering an easy and accessible way to financial markets for SMEs”

Stéphanie Lheureux
Chief of Operations

“Taking advantage of blockchain, LiquidShare is uniquely positioned to challenge and streamline established processes creating innovative ways to bring value to a whole industry”

Jean Safar

“Blockchain is revolutionizing financial markets by orchestrating market participants in peer to peer distributed workflows, and will therefore lower costs and remove operational risks. LiquidShare is at the forefront of this movement and I am thrilled to collaborate with its very knowledgeable team on this amazingly challenging and leading edge venture!”

Thibaud de Maintenant

“LiquidShare is quite unique: actors from the European financial place agreed to set aside competition to build a solution for the entire ecosystem”

The Executive Team

We benefit from the legal, technical and technological expertise of our shareholders through an intense cooperation

Emilie Rieupeyroux
Strategy & Innovation Manager at Euronext

“Discussions between LiquidShare and its shareholders, coming from the whole value chain, to improve post-trade using distributed ledger technology to the advantage both of European SME issuers and end-investors are remarkably rich. This makes this initiative unique.”

Alain Rocher
Head of Knowledge Management at Société Générales Securities Services

“To be successful this project requires an important business expertise while keeping the will to challenge our operating models. This is ambitious but we benefit from multi-enterprise team.”

Sébastien Seailles
Head of ESES Market Advocacy at Euroclear

It’s always very exciting to be part of a group that is pioneering ways to build our industry’s future. Liquidshare is a great example of how we can come together to explore new technology and opportunities to bring value to the post-trade environment.

Lionel Barthélémy
Managing Director at CACEIS Corporate Trust

“Liquidshare will build the new technology generation for European post market. The last one for French market was in 1984 !”

We are building a solution that will first benefit end users: both investors and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
We always think for the benefit of our ecosystem
Starting from a blank sheet, we want people to leverage their natural creativity to reach a collective achievement
To do so, we set up in an incubator to nurture and challenge our strong will to rebuild the existing model

We are Hiring

Do you believe you have what it takes?

  • Back-end lead engineer Reporting Line: Chief Architect
    Full Time Paris

    LiquidShare is a start-up launched in July 2017 by major European Financial Institutions with the mission to develop a European blockchain based, cloud native financial services platform for post-trade infrastructure, targeting the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market. Our vision is to completely re-engineer the interactions between post-trade parties by leveraging the blockchain paradigm and to be the first industrial blockchain infrastructure in production with volumes.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Responsible for the implementation of the back-end roadmap: technical analysis of the user stories, team’s work organization and review, integration of the partner’s works, define and guarantee development and security best-practices for the micro-services layer
    • Build deep understanding for all layers of the code, participate in its review, analysis and optimization, mentor and coach junior developers
    • Build good understanding of all functional aspects (workflows, market, stakeholders) and understand/communicate how technology impacts the business.
    • Work closely to the Product team to integrate the functional tests specified by BA using tools such as Cucumber
    • From a technical perspective, the ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate at least 8 years of experience developing software for capital markets, a majority of which in Java, and should have a proven expertise or interest in the following topics:
      • Distributed systems design and patterns
      • Web protocols (HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, REST, GraphQL)
      • Java language, virtual machine and library ecosystem, most notably
        • Spring boot
        • Memory management and garbage collecting
        • Protobuf and gRPC
        • Reactive programming
        • Java testing techniques and tools
      • Kafka, its message delivery guarantees and fundamental principles
      • SQL, ability to understand, analyse and optimise complex SQL queries (PostgreSQL)
      • State Machine / BPMS theory
      • Containers and container orchestration tools (Docker, Kubernetes, Istio)
      • Blockchain: Fundamental blockchain properties, Smart Contracts, Solidity


      This is a permanent job based in Paris which requires autonomy, analysis skills, excellent communication skills in French and English.

    • A fast changing, innovative, growth driven environment and compensation commensurate with experience.


    This is a unique opportunity to participate in the success of a Blockchain project, initiated and supported by its ecosystem, with a first exciting objective to go into production next year.

    If you’re looking for exciting challenges and for the opportunity to play a key role in a disruptive and ambitious project, we would love to hear from you!

    Send us your up to date CV at

Small business & Investors

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